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– Stuart's Manifesto –

Accelerate your business

Accelerate your business

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Stuart's Manifesto

Many businesses I hear have the same problem, you need more work, better clients, cash to cover monthly overhead. You have tried using the obvious tactics, networking, Social media, pay per click advertising. These tactics are great! However your still confused as to why sales engagement is low?


Often companies overlook the most powerful process in finding high quality paid work.


They overlook strategy


It happens to all of us. We begin a project or learning experience full of energy, only to hit roadblocks that drain us of that energy.


Eventually, we lose momentum and end up right back where we started. This “learning loop,” coupled with trial-and-error-based business practices, robs you of time and money.


There’s a way to break this cycle. The key is in having a mentor – someone who can hold you accountable, answer questions, provide guidance, and keep you on track toward your goals.


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Your Ideal Customer

If you’ve ever found yourself hoping for a new referral or telling someone, “I just can’t find customers,” you’ve got a strategy problem.


Word of mouth can be a powerful business tool. But it’s not a solid strategy. You can’t control when the next person is going to refer you and you can’t force someone’s hand when you need work.


You can take control by defining your ideal customer and targeting specific markets. A Taste Of Colour teaches you how to do both.


Lasting Impact

If you want to craft a winning growth hacking strategy and dominate your market, then hire me Stuart Lawes.


I want to put myself on the line with you and build your growth hacking strategy.


Together, we'll make you #BOOM



So, shall we?






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    Stuart Lawes

    Digital Design Strategist

    Stuart Lawes is an industry expert in sales strategies, business and digital, as well as, the amazing technologies behind them. By making technology more useful, usable and desirable, Stuart helps companies reinvent significant aspects of their business.